The Design Thinking Exchange (DTX) is a collaborative of design thinking practitioners and various academics researching and teaching on design thinking. The group meets about once per year at rotating locations across the US and Europe, with members hosting the meetings at their home organizations. Babson co-hosted the 2019 DTX meeting in Boston.

I continue to experiment with new course formats. I am especially interested in new formats that allow education to occur closer to its application. One example are the bootcamps run in collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA). This health insurance company has been trying to make all of its employees more innovative and customer-focused. Part of this initiative includes educating employees in the innovation approach Design Thinking. Together with the two Directors of Innovation at MCBSMA, Molly Mazzaferro and Matt Templeton, I designed a two-day bootcamp, whose participants were recruited from both BCBSMA employees and Babson College students. In 2016 we ran two such bootcamps in the Design Zone. The participants greatly appreciated the diversity of inputs and responded positively to the experience working in mixed teams in this setting.

If you are interested in collaborating on design projects like these with the Babson Design Lab, please contact me at